Website Development

I have been developing websites for over 16 years, if you’re looking to give your current site a fresh new look i’m your guy or if you don’t have a website and called around only to find out everyone else wants $1000s I have packages starting as low as $399

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Web Automation Software

Tired of doing repetitive tasks? I can build you a bot that will do it for you. Do you need a bot to post in Facebook groups everyday? I got a bot for that. Need a Twitter bot to keep your account active and gain new followers everyday? I got a bot for that. If I don’t have it I can make it. Learn More

SEO / Marketing

Is your website not raking on page #1 of google? I can help with that. Do you need help with Facebook ad’s? I can help with that.

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Why go with me?

I have been working online making my living for the past 16 years, I have more experience than big companies in my pinky.

If you want someone who has taken sites from 0 to 3 million views a month i’m your guy.

Go ask the other guys how is my website going to run once its getting 10s of thousands views per day, ask them if they could set up server load balancing across multiple servers. Better yet ask them to Index your database for faster queries. When they reply with a confused look give me a call.


If you take a look at the photo above you will see I was able to reach 90,000 people. The page received 700 new likes and the post I was advertising received 11,000 Engagements, in layman’s terms a engagement could be a like, comment, or share. I did this with less then $200 in 7 days. I have years of experience getting the lowest cost on Facebook advertisement.

Now keep in mind that other ad was a very well performing ad not all my ads have worked that good here is a recent ad. I still was able to get $0.04 per engagement and reached over 11,000 people

Not Convinced?…

If you want someone who is dedicated, passionate, knowledgeable and wants you to be happy with my service pick me out of the sea of other people who claim to know what their doing.