My Story

By the time I was 16 I was running a successful Ebay business Making $500 a day selling Ebooks After Ebay changed their policy banning the sales of digital items……

I came up with my next big idea SocialMediaExplode. A website where people liked another users fan page in exchange for “coins” they then used the coins to pay people to like their page.

In just a few months I went from 1 member to over 10 million making $500-$1000 everyday. But once again a roadblock….. Facebook filed a cease and desist against the site claiming the site was hurting the Facebook like systems creditably. I was forced to shut down the site and move on to the next idea…..

Once again back to the drawing board this time I ordered a 3D printer off Ebay and printed out a few things, for an example a snowboard wall mount I designed with ThinkerCAD. Listed it on Ebay for $10 and next thing I know im selling 100s a month. So I ordered 8 more 3D printers to keep up with sales.

I currently run my 3D printing business along with designing websites, making web automation bots, selling tee shirts, and blogging some of my websites get millions of views a month. If you want to hire someone who has REAL experience you can count on me.

Who is Cale?

Cale James


I was born in 1984 in Ann Arbor Michigan, raised by two wonderful parents who always said if you can’t find a job you like make one. I currently live in Nevada but I always like a change in scenery so who knows where I’ll be next.

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