Social Media Without Data Mining, Or Censorship

Posted on : by : admin is a website I built after being sick of Facebook. I wanted something very similar but without all the data mining and censorship. While it does use Google AdSense to keep the lights on, and yes that is a form of data mining, it doesn’t mine data it self. You can also pay $0.99 a month to completely remove the ad’s.

It also uses a global news feed, so when you login you will not just see your friends posting (that is an option) you will see all the members postings long as they posted public and not friend only.

As of today I haven’t given it must advertising just a few mentions on Reddit and other social sites, $0 in advertisements and its grown to 1800 members. While this isn’t anything to be excited about it does show people are interested in a Facebook alternative.

Sharfly is constantly being updated with new features and improvements.  We currently have

One of my main goals right now is improving the marketplace, I really am sick of how much ebay takes on commission and how terrible Facebook marketplace is for selling.



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