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This bot was requested multiple times from customers. It simply unfollows people who you are following on Parler. While the Parler Follow Bot works great to grow your following some people don’t like their account to say following 90,000 they prefer it to say 0. This bot will handle that task of unfollowing everyone.

The best part of Parler’s new website design is they added “Unfollow Suggestions” what this means is anyone who is not following you will be on that list. So when you run the bot make sure you have clicked the “Unfollow Suggestions” or you can just run it on the “Following” sections and it will unfollow everyone.

The bot will automatically notice when you have hit the daily unfollow limit and will wait 24 hours before running again, you do not need to do anything just keep the bot running 24/7 and let it handle everything on its own.



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Updated 3/10/2021 to work with Parler’s new website.

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2 thoughts on Unfollow Bot

  • Dawson December 10, 2020

    Does it unfollow everyone, or can you choose who not to unfollow? Don’t wanna buy until I know this…

    • admin December 13, 2020

      It unfollows everyone in its current state. I may add more features when I get some free time


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