Old Nevada Pizza – Hawthorne NV

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Old Nevada Pizza – Hawthorne NV This is a simple but beautiful site made for a Pizza place called Old Nevada Pizza. The site is built for speed with SEO (search engine optimization) in mind. All the photo’s are SEO optimized with proper HTML tags, and names, it’s also optimized to be mobile friendly. 


All meta tags are SEO optimized the entire site is by the book when it comes to SEO. I also should point out this site is completely static, it’s built with nothing but basic HTML and CSS. By not using any PHP or SQL the site can load extremely fast on dinosaur of a server. Cloudflare a service that basically saves a copy of your site’s HTML and CSS, and anyone who accesses it gets served a copy from their super computers love sites like this.

Most sites use a CMS (content management system) that makes tons of “Calls” to the database, slowing down your site. Long as the site doesn’t need to be updated often static sites are the way to go.

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