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Minds.com Auto Advertising Bot – Generate REAL Web Traffic

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Do you want millions of people to see your advertisement? Well this bot might be the answer you have been looking for. I introduce you to Minds.com Auto Advertising Bot this software will create an account on Minds.com and post your advertisement in over 1,300 popular groups automatically! Minds.com has over 2.5 Million users and this bot will put your advertisement in front of almost all of them with one click.

The traffic you will receive is all humans no fake traffic like other bots will get you. This is all 100% legit people on minds clicking your advertisement. You could use this bot to advertise your social media account, website, affiliate marketing offer, YouTube, the possibilities are endless.  While there is no guarantee anyone will click your advertisement the chances are extremely high someone will, if not thousands of people. It defiantly depends on what your advertisement says and what it’s about.

I personally use this bot everyday to advertise my websites and it works GREAT! The bot is super easy to use, just open the text file inside of the bot folder, type what you want the bot to post, click “save” then open the bot, you will see two buttons in the user interface. One is to load your message text file and the other is to load the URL list that comes with the bot. Next click run and sit back and let the bot do all the work for you automatically.  (The bot does ask you to enter a CAPTCHA one time while it makes a new account)


I have priced this bot to be $1 a day so you can give it a try and if you’re not happy with the results simply cancel your PayPal subscription and your not even out a cup of coffee, and if you do love the results simply keep the subscription going. If there is ever a update needed and your subscription is active the bot will automatically update it self.


Subscribe now for $1 a day and get a instant download after purchase (Cancel Anytime)

Demo of the bot and how to use it

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