#1 Best Minds Bot – Auto Group Poster 2.0

Looking for the BEST Minds Bot?

Well you came to the right place, I have spent months looking for ways to get free website traffic from Minds.com. This bot comes with a list of 1,300 popular group URL’s you can load into the bot and it will automatically post whatever you want in each group (takes about an hour to finish) this will put your website link or messages infront of almost a million people with just 1 click.

Watch this video demo of the Minds Bot.


As you can see in the video the bot will automatically create and new account and start spamming each group. This is extremely powerful to get free website clicks.  You can either use the list of 1,300 groups the bot comes with or you can make your own list and just have the bot post in the groups you want it to. For me I personally just post in all the groups because more eyes equals more clicks. Just because its a gardening group and you’re advertising an affiliate offer for weight loss pills doesn’t mean you can’t make a sale.

It’s a numbers game when it comes to affiliate marketing. More eyes means more potential sales.

If you plan to use the list of 1,300 groups the bot comes with expect your account to be banned within 24-48 hours. This isn’t a problem because the bot makes a new account every time you run it, and uses a temp email address each time. You don’t have to worry about making new email account this is all done automatically.

Minds bot

As you can see the software is very easy to use, you simply load a text file with the message you want to post it can be anything from a link to a text message or both. Then you load a different text file with the list of Minds.com URL’s the bot comes with 2 example files and if you still need help feel free to contact me an I will help you but it should be so easy anyone can do it. Once you have loaded the .txt files just click “Run” and sit back while the bot does everything for you.

Please note this is Windows software and you will need a Windows PC to run it. If you don’t have a laptop or desktop you can use a RDP just google “Remote desktop with windows 10” and you will find a ton of places to rent a virtual computer. Most cost about $5 a month Amazon rents them too. But make sure it has Admin access or you will not be able to install the software.

If you have a MAC you can use the program called bootcamp or parallels to run Windows software.

I offer a FREE version but it will only post in 5 groups before shutting down, this is just to test the software and please try it first I have spent countless hours helping customers set up the bot on their computer and it’s normally a driver issue so be sure to read my FAQ page before contacting me almost always the issue can be solved by reading that page.

To Download The Free Version Click Here

This current version was last updated and tested on 4/20/21 and is working perfectly.

I always try my best to keep all my software updated but I am only one man, so if something breaks just send me a email and let me know and I will do my best to get it fixed ASAP. If you want the bot custom designed to fit your needs send me a email with exactly what you want changed but keep in mind I charge $100 an hour for anything custom.  Small changes may only take an hour so just drop me an email and we can discuss it.

This is very powerful bot that can drive 1000s of people to your website on autopilot!

If you look at Facebook or any other CPC (Cost Per Click) platform you should expect about $1 per click so if you get 1000 clicks a day from using this bot that’s a value of $1000 a day. For the full version I’m only asking $1 a day with free updates. You can cancel anytime no contract! I DO NOT offer refunds this is because PayPal only gives me $0.66 of the $1 and to refund you the $1 it will cost me a refund fee, I’m not doing 100’s of hours of work developing this software to lose money. I’m a single dad who is just trying to make it in this world. Please understand. This is why I offer a FREE version so please download that before buying the full version.


If you have already tested the free version and want the full version click the subscribe PayPal button bellow and if you have any questions feel free to use my live chat button (I will answer long as I’m not sleeping) or send me a email via my Contact Page Please give me some time to reply I’m not a bot so I have to sleep.


Subscribe now for $1 a day and get a instant download after purchase (Cancel Anytime)

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