Posted on : by : admin is a website for people to find Long Term Rv Parks, I wanted to get my hands wet with using google maps and this is actually a problem that hasn’t been solved, so win win.

If you are someone who wants to go full time in a RV it can be a nightmare finding a park that allows more then a few days. You can spend hours and hours looking on google for a park going to their website only to find they don’t offer long term. Most park websites also don’t say how much a month it cost even if they do offer long term, it could cost anywhere from $300 a month up to $1500 a month.

The site includes features for anyone to add a RV park along with a simple chat system. You can add a park for free or help support the site with a monthly donation. Once you have filled out all the information the park you added is added into the google map.

One problem I didn’t expect was the cost of having a google map on a website. Google does give you a $200 a month credit but after you burn that its $7 per 1000 views. It could get expensive if the site ever got a lot of traffic.

Long Term Rv Parks still needs a lot of work, and I will get around to it one day, but as of now its mission accomplished. All I really wanted to do was learn more about google maps.



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