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How to get followers on Parler FAST

If you’re looking to get followers on Parler FAST you have come to the right place.

Before I start talking about how I gained 41,000 followers in a short amount of time check out this video I recorded on my phone.

As you can see my phones notifications are exploding with new notifications almost every second! I had to turn off Parler notifications on my phone because it was constantly vibrating and I thought it was going to catch on fire.  Now you’re probably asking yourself how did he grow his followers? The answer is very simple, when you “upvote” someone’s comment they get a notification. Most of the time when someone upvotes your comment you click on their Parler account to see who it was.

This is when the magic happens to get Parler followers. If you spend all day upvoting every comment you will quickly see how powerful this method is. Now I know that sounds like a lot of work and I agree. This is why I developed software to do this automatically. I call it the Parler Mass Auto Upvoting Bot this software takes that painful all day task and puts it on autopilot.  You do not need to do anything just click “Run” on the software and it will upvote 1000’s of comments per hour.

This software can run 24/7 all you have to do is keep your PC running or some people rent a VPS to run the software, that’s up to you. My PC is on 24/7 anyways and the software runs in the background so it’s not a big deal.  Most of the time I forget the software is even running. Now before you run and get the full version here is a link to a free test version. The free test version will only run for a few mins before shutting down but I thought it would be a good idea to offer a free test version so you can see exactly how it works. If you later want the full version that will run 24/7 you can order it, but please try the test version first. Some computers have issues with the software and I have to spend hours of my time trying to get it to work on a clients PC. Click Here To Download The Free Version

How to get followers on Parler

Step 2. How to get followers on Parler

In this step I’m going to talk about the follow for follow method that WORKS on Parler very well. I’m sure you have seen this same method used on sites like Twitter or Instagram. The problem is those sites will almost instantly ban you for using this method.  Parler on the other hand doesn’t care. Parler does limit your daily follows to about 400 a day, going over the limit isn’t possible. Once you have hit the daily limit you just simply can’t follow any more for 24 hours.

If you want you can test this method manually and just keep clicking follow on random profiles until you hit the daily limit. If you do that I GUARANTEE you will see how effective this method is to gain new followers. This is also a daily task that’s time consuming and boring. This why I also developed the Parler Auto Follow Bot . This software will automatically follow random Parler members until you hit the daily follow limit.

Once the software has detected you hit the daily limit it will sleep for 24 hours.  You do not need to do anything, just click “Run” on the software and keep your PC running. It will handle everything on autopilot 24/7.  Just like the Parler Mass Auto Upvoting Bot, this Auto Follow Bot comes with a free version for you to test. It will follow a handful of people before shutting down. Please download this free version before getting the full version that can run 24/7. Click Here To Download The Free Version

Step 3. How to get followers on Parler

This is an EXTREMELY important part of growing your Parler followers. You MUST post content that will get comments, echo’s, and upvotes. If your Parler account has nothing but 1 post about your business or affiliate offer it’s not going to work well. You need to be posting at least 10 times a day, you should also interact with the people who comment. I see so many accounts who never once replied to a comment or even made a comment. This is HUGE mistake.

People love interactions so you should be upvoting each comment made on your posts and replying every time someone comments on your posts. It can get overwhelming once you have 40k followers but it will keep the followers engaged with your account. If you can’t reply to every comment that’s fine just make an effort and you will quickly see the results.

What I have found to work the best is posting memes. To find good memes I just scroll through my news feed and find memes that have a lot of echo’s, comments,  save the photo and post it. When I post a meme I also say “Follow me @myusername” so each “echo” is also a advertisement for my Parler account. If you find a meme that says “Echo if you agree” those are gold.

Even if you’re only on Parler to promote your business or affiliate links keep in mind you also should be posting a lot of content that will get echo’s. Don’t just posts your website or affiliate offers. People will see you only post one website constantly and unfollow you. Mix it up.

How to get followers on Parler bot


If you mass upvote, hit your daily following limit, and post content that will get echoed I can GUARANTEE you will get a ton of followers. You absolutely don’t need to get these bots. You can do this manually, it’s just a huge pain and time consuming. Please don’t just jump into a full version bot before trying the free versions. If I have to refund you because your PC will not run the software it costs me money. I’m sure most people don’t know but PayPal charges me to send a refund. , so when you buy something from me and want a refund I not only lose my precious time I also lose money.

If the free version doesn’t work, read my FAQ page. It’s normally a missing driver or your anti virus is blocking the software because anti virus software in a nutshell hates bots. Bots control your computer and AV software sees that as a problem. I have emailed all the major companies and most refuse to even reply and if they do reply they want $1000s to get a software certificate and sorry I’m not paying for that. There’s nothing I can do about that, on my about me page I have my real photo and on my contact page I list my personal cell phone number. If you think this is a scam you’re insane or maybe I’m insane for doing that. All I want is to build a long term client base and I believe you should put a face to a service. I think long term not short. Hopefully you will be happy with my service and come to me for all your website/software development needs.

I have live chat support, while I’m not always online you can try that and I’ll try to help you with getting the software to work on your PC or answer any questions you have but understand I have to sleep and can’t be online 24/7, I’m not a bot. If I don’t answer the live chat just email me on the contact page and I will get back with you ASAP, or you can make a comment below and I will reply soon as I can. I try my best to respond to all comments. It also helps me if you make a comment because other people will see the comments and hopefully answer their question too.



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Parler Comment Bot (Not Working)

Parler Unfollow Bot (Working)

Parler Mass Upvoting Bot (Working)

Parler Auto Follow Bot (Working)

Business Email Scraper (Working)

Gmail Auto Email Bot (Not Working)

Hideout.Tv Bot (Working) Bot (Working)

Minds Auto Advertising Bot (Not Working)

Twitter Auto Content Bot (Working)

If a bot is marked as not working understand I’m very busy and I will do my best to get it working again ASAP, I’m just one person. If you’re interested in a custom developed bot please let me know, I build these bots so people know I’m an expert in the bot development field.  I also can build any website from a simple business card website to a complicated site like OnlyRight a complete social media platform. I not only can build websites I also have 20+ years of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) I can almost guarantee you found this site from google if that’s not proof I don’t know what is.

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