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Hideout.tv also known as Hideout.co Is a website similar to YouTube, the BIG difference is not only do they pay the content creators but they also pay the content viewers.
The company uses a “Shared” revenue modal.  From my light research it’s a 3 way spit, Hideout.com gets 1/3 of the ad revenue. The content creator gets 1/3 of the ad revenue, and the content viewer gets 1/3 of the ad revenue.

The content viewer gets paid in “Points” 

This is were the Hideout.co Bot comes into play, say for an example you want to earn $20-$50 a month.

You would need to spend hours and hours watching videos, this software eliminates everything. Click “Run” and this bot will automatically find new videos to watch, you also don’t need to worry about getting stopped with the “Are You Still Watching” The bot will automatically pick a different video every 5-30 mins this makes sure you never get stopped with “Are You Still Watching

How Do You Make Money?

The best way to make money using Hidout.co is to exchange your “Hideout Points” into “Reward XP” for 5000 hideout points you will get 50,000 reward xp witch is enough to get $5 into your PayPal account.

hideout points to reward xp

On RewardXP.com you can exchange your XP into PayPal, Bitcoin, and many more options.


This bot has a few feature to keep you safe from being banned due to bot detection, first it uses an actual Google Chrome browser and sends commands via Xpath this is near impossible to detect. It also will use a 1 in 5 chance to “like” the video, plus it will randomly pick a new video between 5-30 mins. So if a backend Hideout employ was reviewing your account it’s not going to show any signs of using a bot.

A few things I would like to make you aware of, if you use a VPN Hideout can detect this and will likely get you banned. You also shouldn’t run the bot and watch videos on different browsers as no one watches 2 videos at the same time and the backend employs can clearly see this. Also just like anything else USA clients generate more ad revenue over India, so if you are in India its likely you will not make $20-$50 a month while if you live in the USA you will.

To get this bot I have 2 options, you can pay $1 a month with free updates by clicking this PayPal button


Im no longer selling this it’s not worth my time to give support for $1



If you have any question or need help feel free to comment below or contact me via the “Contact Us‘ page.



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