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Grow Your Following With The Mass Upvoting Bot

After building the Parler Follow Bot my email inbox was filled with requests to build a Parler mass upvoting bot. This bot will upvote all the comments on a post, this gives everyone a notification you upvoted their comment and there’s a huge chance they will start following you soon after. Some customers of the Parler Follow Bot said they do this manually and get around 500 new followers per hour. This bot takes the boring task and puts it on autopilot.

How this bot works is you open the software and click RUN.

Grow Your Following

Once you click Run the software will open a chrome browser and go to


You will see a windows popup


Click “OK” on the popup and login to Once logged in click RUN again on the bot and sit back the bot will handle everything!


This bot is extremely powerful to grow your Parler following, it also was a nightmare to build. I’m pricing it at $29.99 a week. You can cancel your subscription at anytime. I also plan on making lots of improvements over time and long as you have an active subscription the software will automatically update soon as I push out an update.

To order now with instant download click this PayPal button



You can contact me anytime via my live chat or via my contact page


Change Log

12/5/2020 Version 3 Improved Speed

12/10/2020 Version 4 added 10 second wait due to Parler making a new rule

12/19/2020 Version 5 Turned the bot to run completely autopilot

3/9/2021 Version 8 Updated to run on the new Parler website

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2 thoughts on Grow Your Following With The Mass Upvoting Bot

  • Evan Hattenburg November 22, 2020

    This one costs $30, but the follow bot was $7? Is this bot that much more effective than the follow? Not hating, just curious! Thanks!

    • admin November 22, 2020

      It was a nightmare to build, hence the price increases. A lot of people say this is the best method to grow your followers, I personally use both methods to maximize my following growth.


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