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A lot of web developers or basically any business owner wants more leads, sometimes this involves scraping local businesses for emails and reaching out to them. But what do you do with the emails? Do you manually type each one into Gmail, type up the message and click send?  Sure there’s plenty of paid bulk email sending websites but what if you don’t scrape more than 500 emails a day? Gmail allows up to 500 emails a day, so if that fits your needs this bot is for you.

You could also run multiple bots at the same time you just need multiple Gmail accounts. So you could send unlimited emails a day in theory. The bot comes with 3 files, 1 for your email list, 1 for your subject line, and 1 for your email message body.

Edit each one and load them into the bot.

Click run the bot will open a Google Chrome browser, log into your Gmail account, next click “Run” the bot will email everyone on your “Email List” file. If the file has more than 500 emails in it the bot will stop after 500 have been sent and wait 24 hours before continuing. You can download and run this bot as much as you want for FREE, the only catch is each email will include “Sent via Gmail sending bot by”

If you want that removed I have an option for $1 per month and it will not include that message.

To download the “Free version” Click Here

If you would like the “Paid version” use this PayPal button, after payment is complete you will receive a email with the license info and download link.


If you have any questions or need help feel free to use the comment box below or use the “Contact” page, I’m always here to help.

This bot no longer works I will be looking into building a Yahoo mail bot soon

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