Advertising Bot With Auto Account Making System

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This software will automatically create an account on after the account is set up it will start posting your advertisement post. You can set it to post every min, 30 mins, or every hour. If the software detects your account has been banned it will automatically grab a new temp email make a new account and confirm the email and get back to work advertising.

You could use this bot to advertise your social media account, website, affiliate offer, or anything you want. While Freetalk24 is not that popular of a website there is still a good amount of people who will be looking at your advertisements.

If you are unfamiliar with Freetalk24 it’s basically a right-wing social media site kinda like Facebook, the biggest difference is when you post something not just your friends see it anyone who is online will see it. This software could work good for anyone who has a website that sells “Trump” shirts, hats, etc. Or anyone who has a social media profile that is pro trump.


This software uses a built-in Google Chrome browser that is fully controlled by the software, all you have to do is enter the message you want to post, pick how often it should make a post and sit back and let it run. Because it uses Google Chrome it’s extremely stable and can run 24/7 without doing anything, though I would recommend restarting the software every few days.


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After payment the email you have on file at PayPal will receive an email with a download link and software key code.


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