How long does a website take to make?

Depends do you already have a logo? Do you already have all the content? I can make a website within a day or two if that’s the case. If you need me to make the logo and help with all the site content it could take a week or longer its really on you. The coding/design isn’t the part that will hold me up. It’s the customer who want’s 100s of changes and doesn’t know what the text/content should be.

Does your automation software come with free updates?

Yes, all software comes with free updates long as you have an active subscripting.

The bot is stuck on loading?

This is normally because your computer needs Visual C++ Redistributable X86

Do you have customer service?

Of course! You can text or email or use the live chat me anytime.

Requirements to run software on your pc or server

Must be on a supported Windows Environment. 
Out dated windows operating systems no longer getting updates are not supported.

Download Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 (Web Installer)
Usually this is installed by windows automatically but if your needing to install it yourself you can visit this link

Download Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 (Web Installer)
Usually this is installed by windows automatically but if your needing to install it yourself you can visit this link

Download Visual C++ Re-distributable (better to install and know its there)

How do I install the software?

Installation Instructions

  • Place zip file where you want to extract it
  • Extract with usual unzip method you use
  • Depending on your antivirus some provide false positive so it is best you whitelist the application in your antivirus / firewall.
  • Run the main exe file and enter your license details as provided via email.

Thats it, you can now run the software as normal.

Why cant i register the software?

Once you download your software you must first unzip it into its own folder. If you do not unzip the software but instead try to run it from the zip file the registration process will fail.If you have tried to run it form the zip file already then you must download it again then unzip it and run it and register it again.If this does not work then please whitelist the application / software in your firewall / antivirus software and then repeat the steps above. If you have a problem please submit a ticket.  Please see FAQ on white listing a folder or program

Support Files?

These are files that are downloaded on first running the software, that are required for the software to run

Will my software work on a MAC?

Most of our software will run on a PC and an apple mac.

***** You must have .net V3.5 V4 and V4.6+ installed in your emulation environment *****

No need to install emulators, virtualizers or boot into other operating systems, you can use this great app called WineBottler

WineBottler runs your Windows-based programs directly on your Mac.

Check it out for yourself with this nice free app at

If that does not workout for you then you can always try Parallels for the emulation.

How do I fix license.dll not found?

This is usually down to one of two things.

1) you are running it from in the zip file and you need to extract it first
2) your firewall is deleting it as its coming up as a false positive due to our protection system.
If this is the case please white list the software in your security software and then download / unzip it again and try that.

Smartscreen ( Windows 7 and later )

Smartscreen can have some issues with some software so its advised to disable smartscreen if you have any issues

Anti Virus gives me an alert why?

Why does some antivirus software(s) give false positives when i run the software?

Due to the protection system we use it may necessary for you to whitelist the software before you run it. The antivirus can not check our files due to the protection system / licensing we use.
We can however assure you that this is a false positive and all our software is clean.

Please whitelist the software, unzip it again and you should be fine.

Norton 360 Giving False Positive – How do I fix it?

Configuring scans in Norton 360 Version 4.0 to exclude specific drives, folders or files
Add exclusion to Auto-Protect and Risk scan

Start Norton 360.

Click Settings.

Click Antivirus.

On the Scans and Risks tab, under Exclusion/Low Risks, click Configure next to Scan Exclusions.

Under Scan Exclusions, click Add.

Browse and select the disk drive or folder or file you would like to exclude and click OK.

If you want to include subfolders within the folder, check Include Subfolders.

Click OK.

Under Real Time Protection Exclusions, click Add.

Browse and select the disk drive or folder or file you would like to exclude and click OK.

If you want to include subfolders within the folder, check Include Subfolders.

Click OK.

In the Scan Exclusions window, click Apply > OK.

In the Settings window, click Apply > Close.



Norton 2012

“Just in case anyone else gets this issue with Norton 2012, there were two areas that Norton blocks: botrun.exe and csc.exe. The botrun.exe problem can be resolved by creating an exclusion for Sonar for the folder that the the software executable file resides.

In addition to this, you need to make an exclusion in the anti-virus section for csc.exe. This isn’t one of your files but it is the C Sharp Controller (from what I can gather). It appears to be called by your program and Norton parcels that up with botrun and quarantines it.

Everything is working fine now I have added both of those exclusions.”

Software wont let you do anything?

Windows Firewall might have public networks unticked. Please tick to enable public networks for the software in your firewall.

Windows Software on a MAC

The short answer is that our Software is designed to run in Windows and the bots that you can compile work only in Windows.

But if you’re a design geek, an Apple fanboy, or just a big fan of Macs–don’t worry. There are many resources for you to use our so0ftware even if your main OS is OSX.

Get started here with some great information on  The best way to run Windows on your MAC as well as  5 Ways to Run Windows Software on a Mac.

We also spoke with several of our customers about how they do it.

Boot Camp or Parallels:

Cost: Windows Required, $0 – 200

Boot Camp and Parallels let you run Microsoft Windows on your Mac. Learn how Boot Camp runs Windows and what the installation requirements are by clicking the first link above, or check out Parallels at the second. Both require that you have a Windows license, and the Windows software, but a copy of Windows can usually be had for under $30.

If you are looking for a cheap version of Windows, check out Ebay.


Cost: $0

Wine (originally an acronym for “Wine Is Not an Emulator”) is a compatibility layer capable of running Windows applications on several POSIX-compliant operating systems, such as Linux, Mac OSX, & BSD. Instead of simulating internal Windows logic like a virtual machine or emulator, Wine translates Windows API calls into POSIX calls on-the-fly, eliminating the performance and memory penalties of other methods and allowing you to cleanly integrate Windows applications into your desktop.

It might sound complicated, but it isn’t. Check out some additional instructions: (We don’t know for sure if Wine works for our software, but it should.)

Wine Bottler

Cost: $0

With Wine Bottler, there’s no need to actually install Wine itself., or for your customers to install Wine. “No need to install emulators, virtualizers or boot into other operating systems – WineBottler runs your Windows-based programs directly on your Mac.

WineBottler can pack your .exe into an Mac .app. Double-click your .exe or .msi and convert it into an app with WineBottler. You can run the generated app like every other program on your Mac. For advanced users, WineBottler gives you a selection of options: install special dependencies and even turn your .exe into a self-contained app – that is an app, that contains everything to run it… even on other Macs. Porting to OS X never was easier ;).

You don’t care about generating an app and just want to run it? Double-click the .exe, choose “Run directly” and Wine will run it in a generic environment.”

Virtual Private Server

Cost: Variable, $19 – $200/month. (Various providers, Shape.Host recommended by some customers)

A Virtual Private Server running windows lets you host your websites, your apps, and your bots. Many customers run their our software-created bots on VPS, but you can also run our software itself there. With a VPS there’s a monthly fee, usually, but no maintenance fees, no electricity costs, no bandwidth costs, and often times a very quick processor/ram. And a bonus is that you get to use what is usually significantly faster internet connection than the one you have at your house.

Amazon Web Services VPS

Cost: Variable, $0 – $4/hour

When Amazon got into the cloud business, they didn’t screw around. Amazon Web Services has a free tier VPS which for tiny instances of bots is a great idea. You can pay on an hourly basis if you want a faster VPS with more GB and bandwidth. Uploaded and running software basically freezes when you turn off the instance, and, you can turn on and turn it off remotely with a mobile app.

A cheap/refurbished Windows machine

Cost: Variable, $30 – $250


You can easily buy a computer for running our software (and the many other applications that only run on Windows). Check Newegg, EBay, or your local computer shop for something around $100-200. 

So, if you’re on a Mac, and you want to use our software – there are plenty of options. We don’t plan on building an OSX version of our software currently, but we want you to have access to the best web automation software on the planet.