Chatib_Chat_Bot_UI Auto Chat Bot – Get Adult Traffic To Your Website! Is a chat room site, from my research it seems about 2000+ people are always online using the site. This Software will message all online members with your message.
This will work best for people who own an adult website and want adult focused traffic. You can’t use direct links like the site will block that message but you
can say (Without the https://) This makes it hard to determine the exact amount of traffic you are getting.

I used this bot 24/7 to advertise my site, it’s a Facebook alternative platform. It’s again really hard to see how much traffic the bot is getting from this site as it can’t post a clickable link and my Google Analytics can’t show traffic coming from Chatib.  What I can tell is my google search volume for is up and I have noticed about 10 new members who clearly came from they either uploaded naked photo’s or immediately started “Liking” all the adult pages on Sharfly. This is not normal for a new member.

Sharfly is not the best site to test this software with, but I don’t own a pure adult niche site, so this is the best option I have to test the bot. I can only guess this would work a lot better for someone who owned an adult site, but keep in mind even Sharfly got about 10 people to signup, that’s not counting all the people who viewed the site and left without signing up. This is why I’m going to price this bot at $5 a month, for the time being until I can test it with a better website.

From just a little research it looks like the average CPC (Cost Per Click) for adult traffic is about $0.16. So anything over 31 clicks per month and your doing pretty good with this bot, not only are you paying the same as using an advertising company but you are getting “Google Searches” for your website. This isn’t just clicks this is “Google Searches” that’s extremely powerful for your SEO. I also can’t see anyone getting only 31 clicks per month by using this bot. Sharfly is a terrible site to advertise on Chatib yet I i still got about 10 people a day to not only Google my site but they also signed up in about 24 hours of running this bot. So my best guess is if you own an adult site and ran this bot 24/7 you would get around 300 members or more a month and that’s worth an easy $48 a month and this currently only cost $5 a month.

If you are wondering what I set the bot to message people it’s Hey check out its a way better social platform, i’m done with this site its way to buggy 


This is just something I came up with on the fly to test the bot out. It’s definitely not the best message (but works) and it will be up to you to come up with the best message for your website. I’m happy to help you with your message or if you ever need any help or have any questions I always reply to this sites comments, or you can contact me via the live chat, or my phone number is on the “Contact us” page (Text me or leave a voice mail I screen all my calls)


Buy Now Instant Download $5.00 Per Month


You can download the free version by Clicking Here This version will include into your message, I can only imagine this will hurt your “Clicks” but its a good way to test out the software for free.


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