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Have you ever wanted to email everyone who owns a hair salon? Well me either but maybe someone does? Maybe they have a new hair product? They need to reach out to as many businesses as they possibly can. How can you get a massive amount of hair salon business owners emails?  The answer is going website to website, looking for new contact email addresses. Say you don’t even own a hair product but your boss does… He/She wants you to find 10 new clients a week, well with one click the “Business Email Scraper” will find you 1000’s across the country(Don’t tell your boss).



I have personally used this bot, I set the keyword for “church” just to test it out, in order to email the owners to see if they were interested in upgrading their website. Using this software I received 100’s of churches to email and in turn I got a few new clients. If your not reaching out to other businesses then you aren’t working hard enough. If you are trying to sell “anything” you should be reaching out to as many people as you can.



This software will scrape any city you want, it comes with a list of 1,727 cities. You simply type in your “Keyword” for an example: “Church”, set how many cities you want to search for and click “Run”. Once the bot has scraped all the business websites, it will start searching for new contact emails on each website. This can take a while depending on how many cities you are scraping, once the bot is finished you will see YourKeyword_emails.txt file on your desktop. For an example: Your keyword is “church”, the bot will save a file on your desktop called church_emails.txt.


$1.99 per day. You can cancel at anytime.

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