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Auto Twitter Content Bot – Turn your Twitter on autopilot

Twitter is a great way to drive traffic. The main problem is keeping your Twitter account active, you constantly have to post new content.

That’s time consuming taking you away from other things you need to be doing. Well I give you Auto Twitter Content Bot.

Auto Twitter Content Bot, will tweet about anything you tell it to post about.

As you can see in the photo I have it set to post about anything “trending” every 60 seconds.

So what it does is searches for anything with the word “trending” on twitter and posts it as it’s own tweet. This is not re-tweeting this is taking a tweet and its photo and posting it. If you just re-tweeted when people comment, like, or re-tweet it doesn’t help you at all it only helps the original poster.

This way it makes the tweet your own. So if anyone likes, comments or re-tweets it counts towards your accounts activity. No one will ever know you basically stole the tweet.

Is this safe to use?

Well technically it’s not downloading the photo, its simply taking the photo’s URL and posting it. So YES it’s not breaking any Twitter TOS it’s just re-tweeting in a different way then normal. But what about the sentence? Well you can’t copy write 140 characters. So again YES its 100% safe.

Does it actually help your Twitter get followers?

That is going to depend on a lot of factors. I have tested the bot just a few times on a few different accounts. One account is @Top_TrendingNow with the keyword set to “trending” this has been working pretty good for likes and reweet’s and a few new followers. But is has only been running for about 10 mins while i’m writing this post. I also ran it on an account called @Yepfoodporn a fresh account with 0 followers it managed to gain 39 followers after posting 879 tweets over a few days.

Is that good? well I have no idea if 39 new followers is good for a food account. But if you owned a food account with a huge following this bot will basically put your account on autopilot. For the @Top_TrendingNow  account tweeting about anything “trending” my phone is exploding with notifications.

So does it work? Yes, will you get a million followers over night? No. This bot will work for people who already have a following and just want to put their account on autopilot, or people who want to grow their new accounts followers on autopilot.

There have been a ton of studies and opinions about how many times a day you should tweet and it looks like the sweet spot is once per hour. Do some googling and you will find all kinds of studies about the topic. But in a nutshell people who Tweet 10-50 times a day have more followers over the people who tweet less.

I’m currently selling this software for $19.99 for the first 100 sales. If you are interested in a 7 day free trial use the contact us page and ill send you a trial copy key code, please download the file by CLICKING HERE

Or to get the full version use this buy it now button and you will get a lifetime key code after purchase.

$19.99 Limited Time Offer

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